Smoking hookah essay

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Hookah vs Cigarettes Sample Essay

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Effects of smoking shisha

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Image More Harmful than Cigarette Supermarket. Hookah smoke produces a debilitating feeling of security in people.

Hookah vs Cigarettes Essay Sample

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Hookah. or hookah as called in other states. smoke is frequently considered to be a merriment and lighter version of smoking compared to cigarette smoke. A system that uses wood or coal to fire flavored baccy is used in the U. S. Why Smoking Shisha is Harmful Although smoking tobacco is considered an anti-social and unhealthy habit almost worldwide, there are still countless smokers who continue believing there is nothing bad in inhaling smoke that contains nicotine and carcinogenic tars.

Why Smoking Shisha is Harmful

Smoking hookah has become a very popular activity among teenagers and young adults. In fact individuals who love to smoke hookah considers smoking hookah as an attractive or show more content Some scientists and health professionals also have informed that smoking hookah might be worse than smoking cigarettes.

consequences of smoking anything from hookah to cigarettes may be used with the acknowledge of the effects. Many people are not aware of the consequences that hookahs have.

Hookahs may have the same effects of a cigarette or worse. Hookah may be a disease spreader if not careful. Better Essays words ( pages). Even though that’s the way people enjoy smoking their hookah’s in Egypt; people here in the U. S.

Effects of smoking shisha

ften go to a hookah lounge and have to worry about their image and paying an increasingly large amount of money for hookah while they can simply set it up in the comfort of. Shisha smoking also known as hookah smoking, started in the far east and has since spread throughout the world.

The consequences of smoking shisha can be very dangerous and hazardous to the health of the user. A shisha is a water pipe filled with tobacco, but shisha is also the name of .

Smoking hookah essay
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