Budgeting system in nigeria

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Budget and Budgetary Control – The Effectiveness on Local Government System

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Nigeria: Zero-Based Budgeting's Rough Take Off

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Nigeria Budget and Budgeting Processes.

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Duxbury [37] Wendland, Ken A. The research assumption is that, budget performance is the function of incremental budgeting system in the Nigerian tertiary institutions. The scope of the study is therefore limited to the federal government tertiary institutions. Public Sector Budgeting Process and Control in Nigeria.

Posted by TheEconomy. Date the local governments in Nigeria are strictly under the regulations of the state Houses of Assembly which regulate their administrative and financial operations, besides the financial memorandum. This system of budgeting is an expenditure-oriented. How to guarantee Performance-Based Budgeting in Nigeria’s STI There is no gainsaying that the issue of budgeting in the public sector is the bedrock on which the success or failure of government programmes and projects rest and thus the realization or non-realization of.


Traditional “line item” budgeting system in use in Nigeria was born of a concern that the lack of adequate spending controls was contributing to an environment where there was increasing danger of corruption. responsible for poor budgeting in Nigeria.

The final section suggests the way forward to having a good budgetary system. 2. METHODOLOGY In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the paper generated data mainly from existing literature on budgets. Content analysis was used.

Budgeting system in nigeria
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